Thursday, April 7, 2011

Circus Birthday Card Sayings

"Just To Tell You Once Again, Who's Bad?" MangAnime

Although for me it will be difficult to overcome for a time Toy Story 3 especially the Epilogue where you see your tears in 3D (in my case was knee XD) ... I'm freaking out with surprises that are coming out of Pixar land-Sama . Such as the epic RANGE surprise, Tangled and How to Train Your Dragon . Is that something was going on in Dreamworks City ... and then came Megamind . Take

Megamind mania when I saw the trailer and saw some overlap with what was to be my final project for animation (which when he is older and famous do my idea to return the karma Megamind for what they have done with the poster of The Incredible XD). But after seeing ... I fell in love, so this drawing Megamindzandome with Anne is my way of apologizing! Megamind I am at your service as a henchman! (Ps: including Dreamworks Face! Do not miss XD)


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