Friday, December 25, 2009

Lacrosse Wi Brazillian Wax

4997: Rescue Sweetleader / Starring : chocolate bar, Lentil and Diarria

"Year 4997, the stomach of humans, has evolved universal proportions ... inhabited by thousands of intelligent races, this is the story of 3 them ... from 3 heroes ... "

This is definitely my favorite comic of all I've done. (Apart from the meaning of "Spirit of Graphite") This bizarrez sci-fi adventure Stomach born as a tribute to that grew up less than 10 years who threw all day drawing comics, even without know-how straight bullets. The experiment was to rescue the first characters that I gave birth and more than 15 years: " chocolate bar, Lentil and Diarria " (We started well ...) and adapt to my current state of mind and art (which has not changed much ...) on a new adventure! I convinced that my future self is doing the same experiment with me and is preparing a movie with big budget 3D

them ... Extra! Comparison of the characters over time (More than 15 years)

certainly presented 4997: Rescue the Sweetleader VIII Premi comic Escobar finalist and chocolate, lentils and diarrhea were among the comics that were published in the compilation of the contest:


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