Monday, November 30, 2009

Typical Hor Deurves For Wedding Receptions


After more than 6 years I thought about a picture "remember" the first comic I submitted to a contest. In 2003 I won second prize in the Comic category in the competition with this story Compitalia (ultra-concentrated in 4 pages) of Achilles. Has more merit than it seems on this comic, because I built the story and design the characters reading my thousands of "biographies" of Achilles, and had not yet released the film Troy (Wolfgang Petersen).

most remember is the news broke that he was going to do weeks after resolution of the contest. Then I saw the movie and I really liked it true it was, but I watched a little inspired by Brad Pitt. And compared with my comic, but I like the vision of Patroclus did that of the movie ... however the Hector of the film is perfect! I loved that Eric Bana was eaten with potatoes Orlando "Paris" Bloom and his mad followers in the theater. That the poor have a moral dilemma of who drop their body fluids ... but that's another story XD I'm a little thing to put a comic so old, but it is the complement to this illustration:


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